VES offers a wide range of modular functionalities adapted to both independent equine veterinarians and clinics with several veterinarians.

VES operates easily on PC, Ipad Iphone and Smartphone (IOS, Android)

Multiplatform support

Synchronization via VES ICloud


No connection, no worries! Just use VES as normal; data is stored on your mobile device and will be synchronized as soon as you find a connection

Offline mode

Customers can access a special webspace to view:

  • their horses
  • consults
  • Xrays
  • Invoices and payments
Web access

VES IPad or tablet PC

Customers records management
Products management
Consultation unit
Prepurchase exam unit
Direct sales (no prescription)
Billing and Invoicing
Settlement management
Expenses management
Appointment scheduling
Statistics unit
Inventory management
Email delivery document
VES cloud sync
Order management
Imaging and Xrays
Horses records management
Multihorse owner management

VES iPhone or Smartphone

Invoice review
Consultation edition
Prepurchase exam edition
Direct sales unit
Payment unit
Expenses management

VES Customer

Invoices review
Consultation review
Xrays review
Invoices payment
Acces to shared documents